About Me

all about me

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you.  All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding.  Find out what you already know, and you will see the way to fly.”

~Richard Bach


  • A mom of 5 amazing kids, who keep my life in constant chaos.  The oldest is out on her own with three beautiful children (yes that makes me a grandma… a very YOUNG grandma). Next in the line up is going to be entering his third year in college.  He played football at a D III school for two years and has now decided to move on to the University of Iowa to continue his dream of becoming a physical therapist. In August, his younger brother will be joining him.  My just-graduated-from-high-school son has been accepted into the PreMed program, also at the University of Iowa.  My last two are girls: one entering high school and the other middle school.  I believe these last few years before we are empty-nesters will be our hardest with driving, dating, and all the activities they will be involved in.
  • A wife to an amazing man.  We have been married 11 years and blended our two families together, as well as, added one of our own to the mix.  The words step or half are never used.  It has been an amazing journey so far. 
  • A teacher – I taught middle school for 19+ years and chose to walk away for awhile.  I will say that my leaving had nothing to do with the kids or the teachers I worked with.  After about a year, I went back and began subbing.  I actually love it because on days I don’t feel like teaching I can say no, which is rare, but there are days! 
  • 40ish – okay I am (hold on I have to ask my husband because for some reason I forget) currently 46 and just to put it out there, my husband is 54.  There are days where I feel full of energy and ready to face the world… and there are other days where I feel my age seeping in slowly.  My wish is to be walking 2 miles everyday when I am 80 like my grandmother did. 
  • Liberal-ish… Many of my beliefs fall on the liberal side of things, however there are a few conservative tendencies that I have that put me more in the middle of the two parties.  I am very strong-minded when it comes to the things I believe in and there are situations where I will not back away from a political debate. 
  • Overweight – While I would love to use the excuse that it is still baby-weight, my youngest is almost 10 soooo that really does not fly.  I have attempted everything but what I really need to do. Eat better and exercise!
  • A really want to quit smoking smoker.  Honestly, I am afraid to give it up for fear that I will eat even more.  Not a good excuse, but it is all I have right now. 
  • A TV junkie – I can’t even begin to name all of the shows I am enamored with, but there are a lot.  There are certain shows we watch in the summer that make my husband a tad irritated.  Those would be the ones that consist of home improvement projects that he may get stuck making for me.  He also hates Pinterest.  DVRs are a must in my life. 
  • A reader – Love love love books and reading.  I prefer mysteries or crime, but some of my favorite books don’t fall under either category.  Just a couple… To Kill a Mockingbird and Sam’s Letters to Jennifer. 
  • A writer – Writing is a therapy for me.  Once I get into the zone, the words just spill on to the page.  A dream would be to write a book… however, my mind becomes full of ideas and getting them from my brain to the page becomes a struggle. 
  • A designer – I actually found Zazzle after I left teaching.  Using my Photoshop skills, I am able to come up with so many designs and sell them in my very own store.  I plan to create another page on my Blog dedicated solely to my creations. 

Well that pretty much covers ME… I am sure there is more I could tell but I don’t want you to know everything.  Read my posts to find out more.