My Mind Overflowith

Imagine taking a large pitcher of water and completely emptying it into a small glass.  While the glass will be full… the excess water will spill over the glass and run in all different directions.   This is what was happening to me, when I decided to walk away from my blog and take a long-needed break.  I was not suffering from writer’s block, but instead idea overflow.

I would come up with one thing I would want to write about and begin thinking it through when another idea would hit me.  I would lose focus on the first idea.  This kept happening over and over.  So much so, that I could not decipher one idea from the next.  At one time, I did try writing my thoughts down, but they too would get jumbled.

I blame it on myself.  I became so determined to get my blog out there that once I felt it was ready, I was mentally exhausted.  Paired with working two jobs and taking care of my family… I was doomed to have a writer’s melt down.  So, I walked away.  Now, my mind is still full of a million thoughts and ideas, but I am working hard to mentally file them into more organized reflections.

There are so many feelings I want to express, stories I want to tell, and opinions I want to share.  I am excited to be back and ready to move forward in my writing.


“You can’t depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out of focus”

~Mark Twain

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Mom of 5 amazing kids, married to Shawn, retired teacher of 19 years, cares for a total of 9 pets (3 frisky cats and 6 great-tempered dogs), daughter, really amateur photographer, photoshopper, a football, wrestling, track, baseball, dance, and tumbling mom, zazzle designer, constant dieter, handles the budget, hates to cook, addicted to coffee, trying-to-quit smoker, TV potato, and passionate about writing.

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