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When you enter a room the first thing most of us notice is the color.  Some colors make you cringe, while others give you a sense of calm.  The same goes for the clothes people wear… if you see a person wearing two colors that do not work together such as lime green and red you begin to wonder if they dressed themselves in the dark (kind of like my ten year old, who believes everything matches).  Colors affect human behavior.  Some can bring you down, some can give you comfort, and others make you happy.  The same goes for the blogs you design.

When a new reader comes across your pages it will take them anywhere from 30-90 seconds to form an opinion based solely on the appearance.  It kind of nullifies the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” advice.  Using color or color psychology is a practice used by teachers, gardeners, decorators, office managers, chefs, and even parents when working to grow their business and make their customers (or students) feel comfortable, satisfied, and welcome.  I can’t imagine many of you would enter a furniture store where all the walls were painted black and very little natural light was being let in.  The same goes for your blogs.

Before deciding on a main or stand-out color, you need to first determine who you want your audience to be.

  • If your key audience is women, stay away from orange, brown and gray.  They prefer shades of blue, purple, and green.
  • If your key audience is men, stay away from brown, orange and purple.  They prefer blue, green, and black.
  • If you want to hit both genders you are safe with both green and blue.
  • If your key audience is children than you are safe using brighter colors like red, blue, yellow, green, and even bright orange.

Each color of the spectrum stirs up different emotions and feelings in the people seeing them.

  • Blue instills trust and security.  If you haven’t noticed the worlds largest social media site is blue. Paypal and Capitol One use blue on their websites.  Even the WordPress dashboard page is blue.  However, there is one time you should never use this serene color… when you are posting anything related to food.  Apparently blue makes food unappealing.
  • Yellow causes heightened emotions.  There are some businesses see it as a “fun” color, but not alone.  It is usually used with other colors like blue, green, or red.  Normally when we see yellow, it is a warning, which is why when driving you see signs letting you know there is a deer crossing or curve coming up.  This color is also known to make babies fussy or cause grumpiness.   So if any of you were planning to paint a nursery yellow… stop now or you will never sleep.
  • Green is the most intuitive color and can improve one’s creativity!  Green is also the color we turn to when we think about the great outdoors or the environment.  So if your blog is geared towards the outside… green should be your go-to color. It is also stand-out color and one that can spark past memories.
  • Orange sparks physical activity, competitiveness, and confidence.  Several sports teams enlist this color: Detroit Tigers, Syracuse Orangemen, Baltimore Orioles, Tennessee Vols, and Oklahoma City Thunder. Even basketballs are orange.   Yet, the use of too much orange can overwhelm a person; it is also seen as a “cheap” color.
  • Black screams elegance and power.  I looked up some luxury car websites and out of eight, six were using black backgrounds on their pages.  Black is a classic color that leads one to believe that the product or page is sophisticated and no where near cheap.
  • White is a spacious, freeing color and a paramount design feature… just look up Google.

Finally, when designing your blog use brighter noticeable colors, as they will grab a new readers attention… making them more likely to return.  Darker drab colors are more likely to be passed by.

I used these color tactics to design my blog using hues of purple and pinks, black, and white space.  I also put a white-washed brick wall as a tiled background to make it more appealing.  Right now I am really please with how it turned out.  However, I tend to be fickle with these kinds of things… so in 6 months it may be different.

If you want to read a more detailed explanation of color and its effects on human emotions, here is the article I read to get the information I shared with you and to help with my own blog design:

Hope your days are filled with bright colors!




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