The Double Standard Dilemma

We seem to live in a world full of double standards.  Some I can deal with, but there are others that really rub me the wrong way.  The latest one to ruffle my feathers was the rejected Lane Bryant ad by several big TV networks, including NBC and ABC. These broadcast companies felt the commercial was far too revealing.

Lane Bryant is a popular clothing and accessories store geared toward a more full figured woman.  The sizes they offer range from 14 all the way up to size 28.  These women have been called fat, obese, disgusting, etc…After so many decades of body shaming, Lane Bryant began a campaign to honor all women, not just those that are viewed as having the perfect body.  The name of the campaign is called “I’m No Angel”, which obviously takes a slight dig at Victoria’s Secret.  VS’s campaign is called “The Perfect Body”, which is not real.  There is no perfect body.  All of the women in the pictures are beautiful and very confident with their bodies… so why are others so threatened by the the women in the black and white.

Each group of models appear to be in underwear, with the only difference being their size. In the Lane Bryant photo, Ashley Graham, three from the left was actually on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Now ABC said that they would air the commercial the last 10 minutes of Dancing With the Stars with heavy editing.  Which means the big boobs of the women, especially Ashley Graham’s, would be removed or edited. It would be very difficult to sell underwear if you can’t show it.  It makes it hard to believe that these two networks refused to air the commercial due to its content, since they both have aired TV shows and commercials that show more.

Here are three commercials… the first two have aired on national TV networks.  The Carl’s Jr/Hardees ad was shown during the superbowl. The second one is a holiday ad for Victoria’s Secret and the last one is the banned commercial for Lane Bryant.

No one eats a burger like this!

This holiday ad features several VS models walking around a city in their underwear and being quite seductive.

This features plus-sized women showing pride in their bodies.  I will warn you one is breastfeeding her child and the end scene features the three models in the buff… however there is really nothing to see.  Very tastefully done.

As a plus-sized woman myself, I find none of these three commercials offensive.  However, I have never been comfortable in my overweight body.  Seeing this commercial makes me and I am sure others, a little less uncomfortable.  It is unfortunate that the first two are seen as acceptable and the last one is not… and while I realize that seeing overweight women in lingerie may not appeal to many of you, I find it no different than the Carl Jr. and VS ads.

So the question is why?  Why won’t ABC and NBC air this ad?  Is it because of the somewhat revealing last frame, the breastfeeding plus-sized woman, or because these vibrant women just don’t fit into the “perfect” body image.  Only the networks know; but with the other seductive commercials I have witnessed on air, the last reason seems to be the best.

Before I decided to write this post, I did do some research trying to pinpoint the reason, and all I could find was some circle-talk by the networks’ spokesman.  However, there has been one Network that has told LB that they will air their commercial.  FOX has offered to air the ad during the times that American Idol is on the air.  While I find this to be great news, it is unfortunate that LB had to deal with the other two networks shaming their commercial.

Today’s women come in all different shapes and sizes.  Companies like LB, Old Navy, and even Sport’s Illustrated have set out to make women feel more confident with their bodies.  Now, I am in no way saying that being overweight is healthy, but as a woman who desperately wants to lose weight for the sake of health and happiness, models like the ones for LB, tend to take the pressure off.  Instead of feeling down and depressed about the extra pounds (which also tends to lead to eating more) I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

How do you feel about this subject?  I would love to here your thoughts.

Have a blessed day!



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