More Than a Teacher

Do you know what the most undervalued profession is in the United States today? You guessed it, teaching.  Maybe some of you feel the same way.  However, I can tell you, without a doubt in my mind, that none of you would be blogging or reading without help from a teacher.

Teaching does not just consist of lectures and worksheets.  Teaching does not just mean teaching reading, writing, and math. Teaching does not just mean teaching from the curriculum put in front of them.  Teaching does not just mean herding kids in and out of the classroom and not knowing more than just their names.  There are far more skills involved in teaching than just teaching.

We (I say we, because I am a teacher) become counselors, soldiers, parents, nurses, administrators, mediators, reporters, and students. For some, they really don’t see this side of us, and I would challenge them to walk a mile – if even for just one day.

When a child walks into our room with puffy eyes and a tear-stained shirt – we become counselors.

When a child walks in wrought with frustration because of some bully who refuses to leave them alone – we become soldiers.

When a child is in need of a hug or comfort – we become parents.

When a child has a small cut or injury – we become nurses.

When a child is running through the hall yelling and screaming – we become administrators.

When two children can’t manage to be in the same room without taunting each other – we become mediators.

When a child walks in with visible marks on their arms, legs, or face – we become reporters (even though we would LOVE to be soldiers).


When any child walks into our room – we become students.

Teaching is often a thankless job – because more often than not we tend to deal with all the fallout when kids are not successful.  However, what makes the job worth it, is when students and sometimes parents come to us long after graduation and tell us the positive differences we made in their lives.  To this day, thanks to Facebook, I am still in touch with many of my students and parents.  Watching them succeed and begin their own families fills my heart.

The following quote says it all for me – if you get the chance… thank a teacher

Have a blessed day!



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