Headaches and Hotflashes

Yes, I am going to whine a little bit… okay maybe a lot.  I have been plagued with horrendous headaches for most of my adult life.  Not one of those dull-aching headaches either, but the I-want-to-kick-a-puppy kind of thumping.  Normally, if I feel it coming on, I can catch it with some Advil or Excedrin Migraine.  However, there are some occasions (like today), when it hits me like a ton of bricks and the time for medical intervention has passed.  Now, I know that women as a whole like to point out how our husbands/boyfriends act like such weenies (yes, I said weenies) when it comes to feeling a tad under the weather… but when I get these massive attacks on my gray matter, I become the biggest baby ever!

This is where I consider myself to be very lucky.  My hubs is extremely understanding and will step in and become mom-dad.  Similar to Cat-Dog, but without all the weirdness.  He not only completes what I intended to do, but finishes his hubby duties as well.  Let’s take tonight – he came home from work, and had to wake me from a nap I did not realize I was taking.  How do you nap and not know it?  Well, apparently I had shut my eyes for what I thought was a second, but in reality was about a half an hour, as determined by the TV show I had been watching. My youngest daughter had even come in and asked me if she could go to her friends across the street (to which I said yes, I think) and I did not remember it.  Anyway, back to my hubs… he knew right away that I had been bitten by the headache bug and stepped up to fix supper and feed the kids.  He is not the only one who helps out when I am down for the count… my tween daughter is also extremely helpful.  Once she returned home from her confirmation class, she took my supper out of the oven (I eat different food, as I am on the forever diet wagon) and proceeded to serve me, so I did not have to get up.  Did I mention that when these headaches strike even walking seems to hurt? While I truly despise getting these eye-bulging, ear-splitting, brain beating headaches… there is one ailment I hate more.

HOTFLASHES! I have talked about these before in my post – Sign, Symptoms, and the Insanity of Getting Older and Facing Menopause.  Many women face the woes of getting older when the early stages of menopause begin.  My “getting older” reality struck in the form of radiating body heat followed by quarts of sweat oozing out of every pore of my body.  I know, TMI, but I am whining, remember.  It can strike at any time – in the store, in the shower, while I am sleeping, at a sporting event – you name the place and it has happened to me.  I can be reaching to grab a jar of pickles off the shelf in the grocery store and BAM I look like one of those “old guys” just coming out of the steam room. My face flushes, my hair begins to curl, and my clothes become stifling.  If I was not in a public place, I would be stripping down to my birthday suit.  Even snow looks good to me, when I am in the middle of a sizzle strike.  I have actually contemplated making snow angels in the buff.  I, however, would not do this, for fear that my neighbors would think badly of me.  However, I could fill my bathtub with snow, couldn’t I?

I actually dread the day when I am struck by both of these things at the same time – I am sure my husband is as well.  While both of these issues cause me discomfort… they provide me with some laughs and a few funny stories.  That concludes my whining for today.  Thanks for reading!

What irritating ailments do you get and how do you handle them?

Have a blessed day!



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