You Know You are a Wrestling Mom When…

My 16 year old son, Thomas the 152 pounder!
My 16-year-old son, Thomas the 152 pounder!

I have been the mom of a wrestler for close to 10 years.  However, when he was younger, the matches were nowhere near the intensity they are now.  All my kids are involved in some sort of sport – football, wrestling, track, baseball, and gymnastics – so I have always seen myself as an all-sports-mom.  However, I have come to realize that being the mom of wrestler takes a lot more energy than any of the others.  Let me explain…

  1. You know you are the mom of a wrestler when your jaw hurts from chewing your gum too hard while your wrestler is on the mat.  This has happened to me several times, leading me to make sure I spit out my spearminty freshness before the grappling begins.
  2. You know you are the mom of a wrestler when you find grocery bags of sweat-soaked clothes on the floor in the laundry room, and you have no qualms about touching them in order to put them in the washer.  Who knew the body could hold that much water?
  3. You know you are the mom of a wrestler when you find the scale in your bathroom missing.  Making weight is a fact of life in wrestling.  Every wrestler must weigh in at their designated weight or below about an hour before they hit the mats.  Due to my son’s growth spurt he has had to watch his weight more than a new bride trying to fit into her size 6 wedding dress.
  4. You know you are the mom of a wrestler when your butt goes through a three-month numbness from sitting on the bleachers for hours on end.  The feeling does return; I only wish that sitting caused one’s butt to shrink.
  5. You know you are the mom of a wrestler when you are able to rattle off each move and the points that come with it: take down – 2 pts, escape – 1 pt, reversal – 2 pts, near fall –  2 pts if held for 2 seconds or 3 pts, if held for 5 seconds or more, illegal hold – 1 pt for the opponent, unsportsman like conduct – 1 pt for the opponent, unnecessary roughness – 1 pt for the opponent, and stalling – 1 pt for the opponent.
  6. You know you are the mother of a wrestler when you wake up the morning after a meet and every muscle in your body is sore, as if you were the one on the mat.  It is kind of like hitting that imaginary brake when you are teaching your kids to drive, but instead you tense up thinking that if you move or lean just right it will help them on the mat.
  7. You know you are the mother of a wrestler when you want to hunt down and strangle the kid who just threw your kid to the mat and gave him a nose bleed.  I, of course, would not really do this… at least I hope I wouldn’t.
  8. You know you are the mother of a wrestler when you lose your voice screaming “take him down” in a voice that would scare even the manliest of men.
  9. You know you are the mother of a wrestler when your heart breaks after seeing your son fight hard on the mat and he still loses.  The look of defeat clouds their face, making you want to run up, hug them, and tell them how much you love them.  You stop yourself, though, because the defeated look would change to an extremely embarrassed “mom go away” look.
  10. Lastly… You know you are a wrestling mom when you resort to headlocks in order to get your kids to clean their room and get their homework done.

Watching my son wrestle has to be one of my top 5 things to do.  The roller coaster of emotions wear you down or lift you up.  I have seen many a tough wrestler walk off the mat in tears, including my own son.  The effort and energy these wrestlers give is beyond what you see on any field or court.  And while it may seem like an individual sport, it truly is not.  The bond of a team of wrestlers is an amazing thing to witness and every win or loss affects them all.  Even with all the stress, sore muscles, and emotions I would not trade it for anything else.  Win or lose I love being a wrestling mom.

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