Keeping Your Kids in Affordable, Yet Stylish Clothes

As parents of several kids, we often feel that in order to keep our kids from running around naked, we need to take out second mortgage.  In order to avoid this happening I have found 5 stores that help me save money on the clothes my kids love to wear.  Not only do these stores save me money, but because I shop with them on a regular basis, I often get special deals.

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Old Navy has been keeping my kids clothed for 18 years.  They have great sales, well made clothes, free shipping (I shop online because the closest store is 100 miles away), fun styles, great shoes, and even a big/tall department for my 6’4″ husband.  Oh, and even though the free delivery claims it will take close to 7 days, we normally get delivery in 4.


Kohl’s came to our town about 2 years ago and has been a real God send when we need something right away.  It also carries the Nike brand, which my boys prefer when it comes to athletic apparel and socks.  Kohl’s is another store that always has a sale going on.  They not only carry apparel and shoes, but also sell things for your home… including small appliances.  The only downfall, for me, is the adult styles they sell.


Target is the go-to store for our family.  We really should buy stock, as we are there at least 4 times a week.  While my teenage boys do not want clothes from here, my girls really like some of the styles they find (especially socks and pajamas).  I also love browsing the sale racks, because some of the best deals are found there.  I should also point out that most of my shoes are purchased at Target and have managed to outlast my heels from a high end store.


This is the perfect store if you have a tween girl, which is anywhere from the age of 7-13.  Again since we do not have a Justice store near by we order online.  I will say that this store is a tad more expensive, but is always having sales to keep some money in your billfolds. The styles are fun and up-to-date.  Justice also has a sister store called Brother’s especially for tween boys.  Justice also offers items for your child’s bedroom and some really fun accessories.


Due to my sons’ obsession with Nike, I have found getting items from the outlet store online is far cheaper than getting them here in town.  I mean who pays $14 for one pair of socks… or $20 for a pair of compression shorts (the new underwear for teen boys). The mark down are great and the shipping is fast.

These are my top 5 stores for buying clothes for my kids online.  They really do save me some money.  However, my boys also have an addiction to The Buckle – a very pricy store with great styles and clothes.  If you find your teens eyeballing the items in The Buckle, my advice is to see if there is a Rue 21 nearby, as it is a sister store of The Buckle and carries many of the same styles, with out the expensive brand names.

I hope the stores I have listed above will help many of my readers keep their kids in affordable clothing; it is definitely better than them running around in their birthday suits.

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  1. Emma @ P is for Preschooler | 26th Sep 14

    Target is our go-to store for…well, almost everything, but definitely clothes! 😉

  2. Ana (@MommysBundle) | 27th Sep 14

    We love Old Navy! Such great finds – I always have a promo code ready to go!

    • tamarasuz | 28th Sep 14

      It is great and it has a big and tall that is perfect for my husband who is 6’4″.

  3. Tricia The Good Mama | 28th Sep 14

    haha I actually try to avoid Target. It is so great I can never walk out of there without spending WAY too much! I love their stuff! I like all of your links and information.

    • tamarasuz | 28th Sep 14

      We will go for dog food and leave with a cart full. There have been times we even forget the item we went to go buy.

  4. Joanna Sormunen | 29th Sep 14

    Great tips! I find it really hard to get good quality, and ecomonical, clothes for my son here in Ecuador. It’s especially frustrating since he grows so fast that sometimes he doesn’t really even use the clothe that much before it’s already too small for him.

    • tamarasuz | 29th Sep 14

      I feel your pain… my oldest daughter outgrew her shoes over the summer, leaving her with very few she could actually wear.

  5. Nicole | 30th Sep 14

    I love all these stores! I usually end up buying all my kids back to school clothes from Target and Khols. I will admit, I’m a little addicted to Old Navy myself! 🙂

    • tamarasuz | 1st Oct 14

      I am too. They have great clothes!

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