Angels on My Couch


In the summertime going to bed doesn’t always mean traipsing up the stairs to your room and climbing into bed.  For our youngest, Reigan, it means cuddling up on the couch and trying to stay awake as long as mom and dad do.  On rare occasions she will manage to beat the sandman and walk herself to bed, but most of the time she loses the battle within minutes. 

On the night pictured above she was able to wrangle up our 25 pound cat, Binx, who normally does not like to be held captive… but on this particular night he snuggled right in. As a matter of fact he seemed to glare at my husband when he swept Reigan up to take her to bed. So many say that children look like angels when they are asleep – on this night there were two.  This photograph makes me smile every time I look at it, and it may even form a few tears because I know, soon, moments like this will not happen when she is older.

Have a blessed day.


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  1. Natasha | 4th Aug 14

    This is a beautiful moment. My children have had many sleeps on the sofas and in the playroom this summer.

  2. tamarasuz | 5th Aug 14

    In just a couple of weeks we will have the pleasure of retraining their sleep patterns.

  3. Emma @ P is for Preschooler | 6th Aug 14

    At least you’ll always have this precious photo!

    • tamarasuz | 6th Aug 14

      That is the great thing about photos…they bring your memories to life.

  4. Nicole | 6th Aug 14

    What a precious image and story to go along with it. Cherish these moments, they go away too quickly! 🙂

    • tamarasuz | 6th Aug 14

      I agree Nicole…we are sending one off to college next week. It seems like yesterday he was still sitting in my lap.

  5. Gotta Chop | 6th Aug 14

    What a beautiful picture and memory, and yes they are angels when sleeping 😀

    • tamarasuz | 6th Aug 14

      Thank you, I try to have a camera handy just so I can capture these moments!

  6. Tricia The Good Mama | 7th Aug 14

    Such a beautiful moment and a beautiful picture! I just love sleeping babies/kids!

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