The Eighth Sin – Intolerance

Today’s post is influenced by The Daily Post’s writing prompt.


     Most of us have heard of the Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Sloth, and Greed.  Now, this does not mean that if you commit one of these sins you will drop where you stand, but any of these in excess can cause some really disastrous situations.  However, these are not the only misdeeds out there, so adding one more to the list should not be a difficult task. Right?  But how do you determine which wrongdoing far outweighs the others to make the list?

     I have been mulling this question all day today.  I considered putting dishonesty as my eighth sin (I really despise lying), yet there are those times in life when lying may be far better than the truth.  For example, your coworker comes to work with a new hair color; you see how excited she is about the change and just know she is going to ask you what you think of the new do.  In your opinion, going from blonde to black really does not suit her, but being that she is a very self conscious person, you really don’t want to say “OMG what did you do to your hair? It looks awful”. In place of the whole truth, you tell some what of a lie in order to spare her feelings.  Wives do this all the time to their poor husbands; we put on a pair of jeans, way too tight, then ask if our butt looks too big.  If they tell us the truth, they are bound to be sleeping in the dog’s kennel.  And then don’t forget Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Leprechauns.  Each of these fictional characters gives us the chance to share the amazement and wonder with our children just as our parents did with us.  So, in the end, while I despise lying, putting it in with the “Deadly Sins” just doesn’t sit right with me.

     In order for me to add an eighth sin, it needed to be one that would umbrella the other seven – meaning that whatever I chose had to connect to all the other Capital (deadly) Sins.  After several hours of thinking about it, I came up with the one offensive act I feel is far worse than any other- INTOLERANCE.  I don’t just mean annoyed with someone; I mean being intolerant of people of a different race, religion, class, age, sex or lifestyle than your own.  It is hate at its finest and in my opinion, leads to all the other sins.

     If you think about it, in today’s world, much of the hostility is due to others being extremely intolerant of those that are different or do not believe as they do.  Even our political battles are based on intolerance.  I can’t imagine what things would be like if we all would learn to tolerate others. Actually, I bet life would be a lot more peaceful and calm.

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  1. K R Jefferson | 2nd Aug 14

    Agreed! I wrote a similar response to this prompt as well. Imagine what a beautiful world it would be without intolerance!

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