Have I mentioned I love to create digital paintings on Photoshop… because if I tried with real paint, there would be more on me, the floor, the dog,(you get the picture).  So I taught myself how to do it on Photoshop.  Some paintings take me days because I do a lot of erasing and others […]

Monday Memories: The Last Game

When my oldest son, Zach, was on the field, nothing else around me existed.  He was a wide receiver for our high school varsity team (a good one at that).  For two years he played every game and started well over half of them.  There were several times he was frustrated with the lack of […]

Color Me Bloggiful

When you enter a room the first thing most of us notice is the color.  Some colors make you cringe, while others give you a sense of calm.  The same goes for the clothes people wear… if you see a person wearing two colors that do not work together such as lime green and red […]

DIY Project #1 - Shower Curtain Hooks

DIY Project #1: Shower Curtain Hooks We just completed a bathroom remodel.  Because any kind of remodel can become pricey, we decided to do the work ourselves.  This included, painting the walls, ceiling, trim, vanity, and floors (yes, we painted the floors, which will be a different post).  Shawn (husband) installed a new mirror/medicine cabinet […]

I am currently working on recreating my blog… So far I have gone from a site to a site.  I am learning the ins and outs of getting my blog “out there”.  I need followers and better content.  I have also been playing with the design… so you may see the theme change […]

Take Three... Open Road


Week three of The Daily Blabber’s photo challenge. Take a photo of highways, byways, or airways… as long as it gets you were you’ve got to go.   This is a photograph of a railway bridge that is no longer in use… at least not for the railroad.  It is now a bridge being used […]


This is my island. Ocean waves Salty air White sand. ~ Palm trees Sea shells Sun-kissed skin Warm breezes. ~ Sailing boats Blue waters High tides Sand Castle moats. ~ Fiery rays Bare feet Sunglasses Summer daze. ~ Melting ice Peaceful retreat Surrounded by sea This is my paradise. ** The above digital painting was […]